Dear Colleague(s),

We are very pleased to announce the arrival on the Web of a new
scientific journal called PALANTH International Journal of
Palaeoanthropology, and in so doing, to come up with our first,
preliminary call-for-papers.

Clicking on will give you access to a
poster-like presentation of what the Journal is all about in terms of
its goals and purposes, its scope and structure, and its original
presentation and design. In addition, you will note that we have made
available a downloadable (PDF) version of the poster that, should wish
to turn it into a colour or black & white brochure, can be passed around
to colleagues, students and other interested parties.

As indicated in the poster, the regular (quarterly) publication schedule
(to begin early in the year 2003) will be preceded by an Inaugural Issue
-- a demonstration if you will of the Journals overall demarche or
approach that will be freely accessible to all individuals interested
in palaeoanthropological international discourse and ongoing
developments. This issue will online by mid December 2002.

You will also note that the only means of subscription presently
available through the poster (PDF subscription form) is by regular mail.
An electronic version that will allow credit card payments is now
undergoing tests and will soon be circulated.

Finally, we should mention that if, for one reason or another, you
cannot gain access to the online poster, you will be able obtain a copy
of it (as a PDF or as text file) by sending your request to: or

Hoping that this information package will encourage you to subscribe
and, eventually, contribute to the Journal, we remain,

Yours very truly,

PALANTH - Editorial Committee.

Margherita Mussi, Raymond Le Blanc, Nicolas Rolland,
Greg Laden, Ken Antanaitis-Jacobs, and Jacques Cinq-Mars.